2017 Taiwan International Invention and Design Fair

July 5~8, 2017, Tainan, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Application Form

  1. Supervised:

    Ministry of education

    Office of High Scope Program, Ministry of Science and Technology Tainan City Government

  1. Organizer:

    Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science

    Taiwanese Institute of Knowledge Innovation

  1. Undertaking Organization:

    Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science

  1. Co-Organizer:

    National Sun Yat-Sen University

    National University of Tainan

    National Formosa University

    National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

    Kun Shan University

    Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    Hu-Wei Senior High School

    Tainan Municipal Nan-Ning Senior High School

    National Center for High-performance Computing

    Fujian University of Technology

    Ningde Normal University

  1. Contest aims:

    In order to improve the industry technology of our country, to promote the ambience of industry and academic cooperation and encourage talented person aggressive focus on innovation research work, hereby hold this international innovation and invention design fair to publicize the inventors intellectual patent creation of our country. Furthermore, we expect that this fair can motivate the international communication and expand the new invention products of the overseas market. Finally, the aim of this fair can improve the patent product’s marketing and market value, then facilitate the tripartite from producing study cooperation research and further exchange cooperation towards international forward.

  1. Contest Groups:

    According to the age of team members and field divided into three groups. (Descriptions)

    (1) Class of invention social group contest:

    Above 19 years old, study at the university, master, doctoral in class students and member of society.

    (2) Class of youth group invention contest:

    Under 19 years old, High school, junior high school and elementary school students, according to the eldest student in the team.

    (3) Class of design Contest:  

    innovation design work of each special field.


    1. The maximum number of participants per team is four persons.
    2. Guide teacher or professor cannot more than two people.
    3. Class of invention includes the creation of technical ideas by using the laws of nature or the creation of the shapes, structures or combinations of articles
    4. Class of design includes all or part of the items of shape, pattern, color or combination of visual appeal through the creation
    5. If the participating teams cannot attend the competition, they can entrust the organizer to take part in the exhibition
  1. Time and Place:
    1. Apply deadline: From now until May 31, 2017 (Wed.)
    2. Full in the form and scan the authorization and remittance certification. Upload to http://2017.tiidf.net
    3. Contest date: July 5, 2017 (Wed.) to July 8, 2017 (Sat.)
    4. Contest place: Stadium of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science
  1. Contest Awards:

    TIKI Golden Medal Award:

    The top 10% teams in each group, each team awarded gold medal prize,

    NT $ 5,000 and a certificate.

    Golden Medal Award:

    Each team awarded gold medal prize and a certificate.

    Silver Medal Award:

    Each team awarded silver medal prize and a certificate.

    Bronze Medal Award:

    Each team awarded bronze medal prize and a certificate.

    Contact Information

    1. Tung-Lung Wu

      No.64, Wunhua Rd., Huwei Township, Yunlin County 632, Taiwan

      National Formosa University

      Department of Electronic Engineering

      E-mail: tiidf2017@gmail.com

      Telephone: 05-631-5644

      Fax: 05-633-0029

    1. Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science

      Ms. Chen and Ms. Su

          E-mail: box660@mail.cnu.edu.tw

      Telephone: 06-2664911#7200

    1. Registration Fee:
      1. NTD$ 6000 (include booth fee)
      2. NTD$ 5000 (members of TIKI, groups of High Scope Program)

      Application website: http://2017.tiidf.net

      Booth size

      1. 3 m2 each area (2meters length, 1.5meters width).
      2. All booths are equipped with basic decoration, including compartment, name card of participants, a display desk, four chairs, two spotlight of 100W, two socket of 110v.
      3. Size of poster is A1. Each team hangs three piece of posters at most.